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MOE Ukulele Programme Singapore

Standard Programme


Fast becoming one of the most recognised instrument of the modern era. The Ukulele comes as a natural choice of instrument for anyone to learn.


Students will learn both the lead and the rhythm path. In the lead path, students will learn Melody Playing and Tab Reading. In the rhythm path, students will learn Basic Music Theory, Chord Application & Accompaniment, Strumming Patterns, Chord Progressions and Song Playing. Each student will be assigned a 21'' sized Ukulele. 


Our Ukulele lessons encompasses the use of modern day technology making it tremendously interactive, fun and engaging for our students. Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, our ukulele lessons will leave students hankering for more.

Recommendations for optimal learning potential

  • 60mins
  • 8 - 12 sessions
  • 1 Day workshop available ​
  • Stand-alone programme
  • Max 40 students
  • Age 10 & up
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