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Corporate music & dance 

team building programmes

Standard Music Programmes

Why choose our team building programmes?

Sources have shown that companies are sending their staff for team building activities because of its reported benefits which can help foster working relationships through better communication and meaningful collaborations. Increasingly, companies do recognise that fun activities and team building programmes can help their employees break down walls and bring in more successes. 

Most team building programmes fail because they include too many ineffective and boring activities. Ours are different. Uptempo's corporate team building programmes allow our participants to bond over dance & music, which transcends traditional boundaries. Our unique activities demand a good amount of communication and teamwork from our participants.


Whether it is learning a song or dance steps together, these activities are guaranteed to bring an enjoyable and motivating experience for them. We also have with us our well-qualified, dynamic and fun trainers to facilitate in our programmes. 

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