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MOE Hip Hop Dance Programme

Signature Dance Programme

Hip hop

Hip Hop first appeared in the 1960s and 70s, in the United states and is a broad category that includes a variety of street dance styles like ‘Breaking (Bboy), Locking, Popping and Reggae’. Hip Hop primarily is a dance on own too that emphasises a lower center of gravity style of dancing. In this Hip Hop module, students will learn the history and development of Hip Hop, basic of Hip Hop such as how the bounces differ from other styles, and also applying the proper techniques to it. Students will be given a set of Uptempo choreographed dance moves they are taught in class. By the end of the module, students will be able to dance either as a soloist or in a group and put up a stage performance.

Recommendations for optimal learning potential

  •  60 - 90mins
  • 8 - 12 sessions
  • 1 Day workshop available ​
  • Stand-alone programme
  • Max 40 students
  • Age 10 & up
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