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Music Team Bonding Singapore

Signature Music Team Bonding Programme

band slam

'Band Slam' is our signature music team building programme that is perfect for companies looking for a programme that can effectively foster better working relationships and enhance team performance.


Uptempo incorporates the best of today's music technology to bring music learning to the next level. In this easy-to-understand programme, participants will learn 6 different instruments (Drums, Ukulele, Keyboard, Electric Guitar, Bass Vocals) and up to 2 pop songs. By the end of the session, our learners will be able to confidently jam as one unit. ​

Best of all, participants are not required to have prior knowledge in music. Our programme ensures anyone, regardless of age will be able to ease into what is being taught. 'Band Showdown' brings childhood rockstar dreams to reality.

  • Half/Full Day
  • 4/8 Hours
  • Client's/External location
  • 20 - 160 pax
  • Learn 6 instruments
  • Learn 2 songs
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