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Body Percussion Team Bonding Singapore


Music Team Bonding Programme

Body percussion is a energising, fun and playful way to foster interaction with fellow colleagues to instil team bonding, encourage communication and relieve stress.

Call & Echo - Encourages positive affirmation and build listening skills. The trainer will come up with different levels of rhythm and participants will try their best to mimic these rhythms.

Pass the Rhythm - Enforces effective dissemination of Information. Participants are to come up with simple one-bar rhythm and pass it around their respective groups. The last

person playing the rhythm must match the original rhythm.

Drum Circle - Leadership effectiveness, effective communication and understanding of group consciousness. Each group is assigned a rhythm. The leader will apply essential drum circle techniques such as starting/stopping a rhythm, mixing different rhythms and increasing/decreasing the dynamics of the rhythm.

Group Performance - Building overall teamwork and unity. Participants will be learning a series of body percussion sequences and perform them with an accompaniment song.

  • 1 - 4 Hours
  • Client's/External location
  • 10 - 500 pax
  • Learn 1-2 songs
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