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Latin Dance Programme Uptempo

Signature Dance Programme

latin cha cha

Just like Waltz, the Latin Cha Cha is also part of Ballroom
dancing. However, it is categorized under Latin Ballroom, and
not Standard Ballroom. Latin Cha Cha is possibly the most
popular of the five international Latin dances. Deriving from
Cuba, Cha Cha is characterized by its fun and cheeky hip
movements, fast spins with a variety of upbeat rhythms, and its
clean lines involves a great amount of discipline to perform it.
The Cha Cha can be danced to popular pop music, and has
evolved to become a widely known dance enjoyed both by the
young and old. By the end of the module, students will be able to perform a short 1 to 3 minute of dance performance that they have mastered through the course.

Recommendations for optimal learning potential

  •  60 - 90mins
  • 8 - 12 sessions
  • 1 Day workshop available ​
  • Stand-alone programme
  • Max 40 students
  • Age 10 & up
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