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Do we need to have any musical experience?

Singapore Music Community Involvement Programme

Community Involvement Programme

band slam

Dedicated to community outreach, UPTEMPO regularly brings the joy of music to migrant workers at their workplaces and dormitories.

This initiative began with our program manager, who developed close bonds with many migrant workers while visiting his father, who works in construction. Recognizing the lack of access to musical instruments and resources among these workers, our programme manager believed everyone should have the opportunity to learn and play music.

UPTEMPO incorporates our signature program, ‘Band Slam,’ to teach and guide these migrant workers, enabling them to play in a band within just two hours. This outreach program has been a resounding success, with many workers going from never having touched an instrument to learning five and performing in a band by the end of the day.

  • Half/Full Day
  • 4/8 Hours
  • Client's/External location
  • 20 - 160 pax
  • Learn 6 instruments
  • Learn 2 songs
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