About Uptempo 


Our programmes have been proven to work with 7 year old to 89 year old. No prior experience required.


We employ technology into our lessons and the songs we use in our classes are either classic award winning tunes or the latest radio hits.


Based on our survey findings with 1,000 of our past learners, 99.6% of learners find our lessons to be refreshing, educational & entertaining.

We Are Passionate


The company was founded in 2016 by a group of passionate music practitioners who aims to improve the quality of music enrichment & corporate programmes offered in Singapore. We strive to set a high standard by providing the best contemporary music learning experience for our clients.

Always In Tune

Having a combined 60 years of music playing experience, being in the education and performing industry, allows us to gain exposure to the latest music technology, pedagogy and trends. We use these ideas to innovate and structure our music programmes for our clients.

Our Solid Belief


We are confident that we can enhance our learner's love for music and make music learning fun and personal. Emphasis is placed on crafting relevant and interesting lesson plans and enabling our dedicated trainers to conduct lessons to stretch our learners’ fullest potential. We believe in continuous upgrading to improve our processes, programmes and services.

Duty To Serve


Some of us here at UPTEMPO had a challenging past. Music has given us a direction and focus and we are motivated to pass on our love for music and help our learners to fulfil their passion and be inspired to pursue their dreams. Through our signature programmes, we use music to help youths-at-risk the same way music helped us many years back.