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Hip Hop Choreography

DanceTeam Bonding Programme

Dance showdown

Dancing not only reduces tension and stress in our body. It can also provide a good cardiovascular workout. What's more,  dancing with your colleagues doubles the fun! 


Participants will first select a type of dance that they would like to learn. These includes K-Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Tap Dance and More. In any of the selected genres, they will learn the 5 basic elements of dance. By the end of this programme, they will be able to dance along to their favourite songs. 

Participants are not required to have prior knowledge in dance. Our programme ensures anyone, regardless of age will be able to ease into what is being taught. This programme is customisable to suit your organisation needs.

  • Half/Full Day
  • 4/8 Hours
  • Client's/External location
  • Can mix with other programmes
  • 10 - 200 pax
  • Learn up to 2 songs
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