Corporate Music Programme

ukulele showdown

Fast becoming one of the most recognised instrument of the modern era. The Ukulele comes as a natural choice of instrument for anyone to learn.


In this Ukulele Programme, participants will learn the basic to intermediate chords and melodies of Ukulele to apply them into their performance songs. Participants will also be encouraged to sing along with their performance songs.


Our Ukulele programme encompasses the use of modern day technology making it tremendously interactive, fun and engaging for our participants. Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, our Ukulele programme will leave participants hankering for more.

  • Half/Full Day
  • 4/8 Hours
  • Client's/External location
  • 10 - 200 pax
  • Learn 6 songs

Absolutely no musical experience is needed at all for this team bonding activity. We have created a teaching strategy that is guaranteed to ensure anyone regardless of age and musical experience will be able to comfortably eased into what is being taught and to be able to cohesively perform dynamically as a unit. | +65 8840 0878 | +65 9191 7032 | 10 Defu Lane 5, Singapore 539397 |

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