Signature Music Programmes

Why Choose Our Signature Programmes? 

Imagine at the age of 12 and being able to play the Drum, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard and Sing to todays hit songs with your own band. Sounds too good to be true?

UPTEMPO has the perfect formula. 


'Contemporary Musicians' is a 5 part curriculum that teaches 5 contemporary instruments with the end goal of performing in a pop band by the end of the programme.

UPTEMPO incorporates the best & latest technology which changes the way we learn music in a classroom setting. We also recognise the importance of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) which is one of our core guiding principles for effective lesson planning. Summative assessments are conducted at the end of each module to ensure that learning goals are met.  


Children & teenagers tend to have more interest in contemporary music as compared to other forms of music, primarily because they can relate better with the former. Recognising this trend allows us to formulate relevant music programmes to nurture our young talents into a 21st century Contemporary Musician. 

Standard Music Programmes

Taking the cue from our Signature Programs, UPTEMPO's Standard Music Programmes follow the same strict procedure we undertake to craft our lessons. They have been rigorously tested and improved through numerous live sessions. Feedbacks and criticisms are taken earnestly. 

This gave birth to our 12 best Music Enrichment Programmes.

Music Based After School Engagement (ASE) Programme

& Contemporary Band CCA

Music ASE
Contemporary Band CCA

Research has shown that Music education and SEL (Social Emotional Learning) are naturally complementary. Music is a powerful tool which can increase creativity and foster self transformation. There are five ways in which music education and SEL are compatible:

❖ music can be used as an emotional stimulus

❖ music can be used as an aesthetic experience

❖ music can be used for relaxation and imagery

❖ music making can be a form of self-expression

❖ music making can be a form of group experience.

With these factors in mind, our goal for this programme is to create a teenager centered, safe environment which they can thrive and take charge of their own learning within the context of a student formed pop band. Through music making, students will be able to internalise positive attitude and overcome obstacles. For the entirety of the programme, students will be documenting their weekly progress in the form of a video journal on the iPad.  

Please contact us if your school is interested to engage us for this programme.

 Our Music Resources 

Here at UPTEMPO, we write our very own Music Resource Books which form the basis of our lessons. Our resources include Music Theory, various Exercises, Scores, & Chord Charts.


We have worked with industry musicians, subject matter experts and teachers to meticulously fine tune and plan our Music Resources & lessons to ensure we deliver the best learning experience for our students. 


Our music resources are continuously updated to ensure we are up to date with the current syllabus and pedagogy.