Standard Program


A Melodica or a Pianica is from a family of freed reed instrument that is fun & easy to play. In this Melodica module, students will learn the basics of playing the Melodica such as Breathing Techniques, Keyboard Techniques, Positioning, Scales and Song Playing. Each student is assigned a 32 keys Melodica. By the end of the module, they will be able to apply what they learnt into song playing as a soloist or ensemble setting.


Recommendations for optimal learning potential

  • 45mins - 60mins
  • 6 - 8 sessions
  • 1 Day Workshop Available ​
  • Max 40 students
  • Age 9 & up

what will be provided


32 keys Melodicas

Alcohol Wipes


1 AMIS Certified Trainer 

Customisation of program

Value Added Service


Assistant Trainer

Lesson Handouts 

Certificate Of Completion  

*Equipments provided are subjected to availability