Standard Program


Unassuming and simple. Plastic cups can be turned into a versatile percussion instrument. In this Module, basics to intermediate Cup Rhythm methods such as Grooves, Movements, Sequential playing and Ensemble Playing will be taught. Each student is assigned a set plastic cups. By the end of the module, they will be able to apply what they learnt into a percussion routine as a class.


Recommendations for optimal learning potential

  • 45mins - 60mins
  • 1 - 3 sessions
  • 1 Day Workshop Available ​
  • Max 40 students
  • Age 8 & up

what will be provided


Plastic Cups


1 AMIS Certified Trainer 

Customisation of program

Value Added Service


Assistant Trainer

Lesson Handouts 

Certificate Of Completion 

*Equipments provided are subjected to availability