Community Involvement Program

band slam

Dedicated to giving back to the community, UPTEMPO regularly reaches out to migrant workers at their workplace and dormitory to bring the joy of music to them.


This initiative was started by our programme manager, Ryden who regularly visits his Father who works in construction. Ryden developed a close bond with many of these migrant workers.


Believing that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and play music, he decided to bring music to them. Many of these migrant workers are not fortunate enough to have access to musical instruments or the monetary means to learn and discover music.


UPTEMPO incorporates our signature programme, ‘Band Slam’ to teach and guide these migrant workers to enable them to play in a band within 2hrs. This outreach program has proven to be a success with many of them having never learnt an instrument to learning 5 and performing in a band at the end of the day.

How Can My Organisation apply?

Music transcends boundaries

Music trancends language

Music transcends words


Your organisation is eligible for this outreach if you are a: 

Company with migrant workers (for migrant workers only)

Charity Organisation

Help Centre

Old Folks Home

Orphanage Home

Youth At Risk Organisation

*If you are unsure if your organisation is eligible please contact us :)