Corporate Program

Body Percussion

Body percussion is a fun and playful way to foster interaction with students to instil team bonding, encourage communication and relieve stress.

Call & Echo - Encourages positive affirmation and build listening skills. The trainer will come up with different levels of rhythm and participants will try their best to mimic these rhythms.

Pass the Rhythm - Enforces effective dissemination of Information. Participants are to come up with simple one-bar rhythm and pass it around their respective groups. The last

person playing the rhythm must match with the original rhythm.

Drum Circle - Leadership effectiveness, effective communication and understanding of group consciousness. Each group is assigned a rhythm. The leader will apply essential drum circle techniques such as starting/stopping a rhythm, mixing different rhythms and increasing/decreasing the dynamics of the rhythm.

Group Performance - Building overall teamwork and unity. Participants will be learning a series of body percussion sequences and perform them with an accompaniment song.

  • 1 - 2 Hours (Customisable) 
  • Client's/External Location 
  • 10 - 300 Pax
  • Learn 1 Song

outline of program

  • Trainers will open the event & run through rhythm & groove games.

  • Trainers will demo the Body Percussion choreography with the song for participants.​​

  • There will be a total of 6 different sequences to learn.

  • Participants will rehearse the entire choreography at least twice before their final performance.

  • The final performance will be filmed and given to the company 1 week after the programme.

additional features

  • 4 Rhythm Games

    • Pass The Rhythm

    • Call & Echo

    • Call & Response

    • Drum Circle

  • High definition photos & videos taken during the program will be sent to your company 1 week after the programme.


Program Flow

 Sample 2 Hour Programme


Ice breaker - 15mins 

Body Percussion Choreography Demo - 5mins 

Learn the routine - 40mins 

Body Percussion Performance - 10mins

Prize presentation & debrief - 10mins 

Do we need to have any musical experience?

Absolutely no musical experience is needed at all for this team bonding activity. We have created a teaching strategy that is guaranteed to ensure anyone regardless of age and musical experience will be able to comfortably eased into what is being taught and to be able to cohesively perform dynamically as a unit.

Will everybody be engaged?

Our programmes are not just about fun. It is our aim to ensure that all participants be equally active & engaged in our team building programme. Band Showdown will break barriers that are perhaps holding your colleagues back and allow them to not only express themselves creatively in the form of music, art and performance, benefits such as increased collaborations, improved communications and reinforced motivations are just some of the proven indicators that our team building will help an organisation.

What are your trainers


Our trainers are fun, young & dynamic. They are also very well versed in their field of music. All our trainers have gone through our trainers programme to ensure that they are well equipped & able to adapt to any situation. We demand a high standard for all our trainers.

What are your learning development outcomes?

''Our team bonding programme can help/improve:


  • positive affirmation and build listening skills

  • Creative collaboration with teammates

  • Break ice between colleagues and clients

  • Connect company staff of different hierarchical levels

  • Creative Play and Relieve Stress

  • Enforces effective dissemination of Information

  • Stress management and Resilience Training (SMART)

  • Leadership effectiveness, effective communication and understanding of group consciousness

  • Overcome a challenging task as a team and emerge stronger

  • Boost morale and confidence as a team''



We have worked with industry musicians & people with no musical experiences to meticulously fine-tune this programme to ensure we deliver the best every time. We continue to strive & safeguard the high standards we demand for ourselves. We are made up of a team of high energy individuals who are passionate, cooperative, patient & conscientious.